REGISTRARS EARN 15% to 27% of

projected average incremental revenue/customer US$ 3

3-day approval
and Rapid deployment time

So how does a Geomain work?


There is a Geomain to suit every customer type.


Download the Geomain App and verify your mobile number to register your Free-for-Life personal Geomain with country suffix.
US$ 0


Premium Geomains have no country suffix, and can be as short as just two characters. An annual surcharge applies for short Geomains.

from US$5.99/year


Brand your "address" & advertise on your GeoPage for a higher RoI on your ad budget. Comes with multi-branch support.
from US$9.99/year


Governments can benefit greatly by using Geomains on ID cards & Driving Licenses. Government domains have the format ".gov.country". Example: >WHITEHALL.GOV.GB
from US$14.99/year

Universal Digital ID (UDID)

A Geomain UDID is a secure, universal, ubiquitous ID for everyday use, everywhere by everyone, for life.
As the UDID becomes the bedrock of Digital presence, demand for Geomains will grow exponentially.
It's your address

PIN-secured navigation to you

It's your Identity

Scan UDID QR Code for access

It's your Business Card

Scan QR to exchange G-Cards

It's your World

NextGen Social EcoSystem


Brand Names Reserved

5.2+ Billion

Mobile subs need a Geomain


Character sets supported

US$3+ Billion

Projected Secondary Market

Geomains are projected to be registered by end Y-2023

geomain is a Revenue Multiplier

Whereas Domain names are needed mainly by businesses and brands,
a Geomain name is needed by everyone who has an address - or not.

Mass Adoption via
Freemium Model

Anyone with a verified cellphone number can register a free for life Geomain. However, this comes with a country suffix, e.g. >Adam.sg.  Whilst this would suit most people, several millions more would want to own a suffix-free Geomain e.g. >Adam.


Geomain names come in three categories: Consumer, Business & Government with different pricing and tools for each. Whilst every Geomain Registrant get their own free webpage, called a GeoPage, Business & Government GeoPages can run ads and view analytics on their GeoPages.

Premium Geomains

No matter what Category a Geomain belongs to, if it is two, three or four characters only, (e.g. >AL , or >ALI or >JOHN), then a Premium surcharge applies.

GeoPage Advertising

GeoPage Ads are available in Banner and Video format on monthly/annual subscription plans. There are no eyeballs, page views, clicks or other gimmicks that exploit Advertiser Dollars. Also, unlike contextual advertising, GeoPage ads offer a very clean and clear ad RoI metric that can be measured easily, with zero risk of the advertisers’ customers ever seeing any competitor ads. Contextual Advertising model plays both sides, to the detriment of every advertiser. GeoPages gives advertisers the choice to decide what consumers see in a Geomain search result. This qualitatively game-changing approach to online advertising is poised to generate/re-direct billions of dollars of Ad Dollars to GeoPages.

about us

The Geomain Organization is the ultimate owner of the “Geomain Registry”. Every  Geomain registered is effectively licensed to its Registrant by the Geomain Organization. The Registry is a mandated Not-For-Profit, and operates at arms length from Geomain’s commercial (B2B) business operations.

In keeping with our Charter, Geomain does not sell Geomain names ourselves. All Geomain names and Advertising subscriptions are sold exclusively by accredited Geomain Registrars and Re-Sellers, that are appointed and managed by the Geomain Organization. 

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Never share your email. Use your PIN-protected Geomain instead. It’s smarter.

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