Register a unique Geomain and dynamically link it to your current location.

It's your personalized permanent address, no matter where life takes you.

Simply scan a QR code to navigate.

Every Geomain comes with a free QR Code for you to share or promote.

A Geomain is a secure identity for everyone everywhere.

Every Geomain comes with the registrant's Email, Cell phone number and GPS Location validated.

Completing everyday forms is a breeze with Geomain.

A Geomain Number or Name replaces several lines of address text.

A Geomain may be registered in seven languages: Arabic, English, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin and Russian.


Geomains are the first major disruption to the addressing system, created almost 2,500 years ago by Persian King Cyrus the Great. Our mission to is to replace cumbersome long-form addresses that we use today with a simple Geomain Number or Geomain Name, thus making travel, transport and logistics more cheaper, simpler, faster and easier for everyone everywhere. The Geomain Organisation owns, manages and hosts the global Geomain Registry.

Geomain Names may be registered via our network of Accredited Geomain Registrars in all seven major language character sets – i.e. Arabic, English, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin and Russian.


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GPS Coordinates

40 748440 -73.984559

Geomain Name




Geomain makes life convenient for all, saving us time, effort and money in our fast paced world today.


In a world first, Geomain allows businesses to brand something as mundane as their address – whilst simultaneously leveraging the power of Geomain’s innovative technology to boost sales.


Geomain’s world class security infrastructure and privacy features enables you to password protect your address so that only those people whom you wish to share your address with are able to access you.